EAST LANSING – Two Supported Intelligence alums recently were awarded a U.S. Patent for a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology.

The patent went to Jeff Johnson and Neal Anderson. Supported Intelligence develops consumer-friendly AI applications. Their new patent, number 10,546,248, is entitled “System and Method for Defining and Calibrating a Sequential Decision Problem Using Historical Data.” It is the third U.S. patent awarded to Supported Intelligence thus far.

“We are really just so proud of these guys,” said Patrick L. Anderson, founder of Supported Intelligence. “Their innovative methodology has already been added to our core Rapid Recursive decision engine. We will utilize their solution for clients who need to formulate strategic business and finance decisions, and for improving public policy or even military outcomes.”

Inventors Anderson and Johnson hail from rival Michigan schools, earning prestige for both the University of Michigan and Michigan State with their impressive accomplishment. Both young men are also musicians—Johnson is a former Spartan Marching Band member, while Anderson is an accomplished jazz artist with a new album called “Why Wait” released in the same week as this patent was awarded.

Supported Intelligence was founded in Michigan in 2012. Its investors include Patrick Anderson, Anderson Economic Group, and Ann Arbor Spark. SI’s Rapid Recursive® technology, which ths newly-patented system supports, composes and solves multi-period decision problems (like those found in business, government, and family life) using logic that mimics how humans think. Unlike machine learning and other methods commonly labeled “AI,” it has the advantage of being explainable and replicable, making it compliant with laws such as the GDPR article 12.

For more information, click on https://www.supportedintelligence.com/