DETROIT – Building a feature-rich app is now more manageable, owing to the readily available development frameworks. While the extensive pool delivers numerous benefits, it also poses some challenges.

How do you choose the best framework; what are the top considerations? Browsing through the options can prove demanding that you might initially anticipate. Nonetheless, React.JS has and continues to be a popular option for developers in various industries. React developers are a go-to, even for giant organizations such as Instagram, Facebook, and Skype, to mention a few. Let’s take a quick look at React.JS’s top benefits that continue to propel its popularity.

Easy learning curve

The comfortable learning curve is among the top benefits of choosing React over other JavaScript frameworks. As a JavaScript pro, you can learn the ins-and-the outs of React within a day or two, making it easier to develop stunning apps. This is further complemented by development speed. Using React, you can use individual parts of the app on both server and client-side, enhancing development speed. Moreover, React is flexible, making it easier to maintain the apps. This saves you time and money, considerations that enhance productivity.

Virtual DOM

Developing high-load and complex applications can be daunting. You have to define the app’s structure, and if some changes in the upper level are made, they can impact the lower level and overall performance. React.JS offers faster rendering as you take advantage of the virtual DOM. Virtual DOM lets you make and test all the changes and calculate risks. If the modifications don’t affect the app, you can comfortably proceed and make the changes, saving more time and resources without affecting the end product’s quality.

Stable and reusable

React.JS utilizes downward data flow. It means that your parent structure is not affected by modifications you make to the child’s structure. As such, you can modify specific components and update them without affecting the app’s overall performance. Such stability is a winning factor, noting how frustrating changes to the app can prove. It gets better; each component can be reused elsewhere in the project that requires similar functions. This means that you won’t keep coding, and testing is easier, saving more time and costs.

Support community

React.JS boasts of an extensive pool of resources, including the support community. Numerous organizations, including fortune 500 companies, utilize React for their web and mobile apps development. This proves that React is a top frontend framework solution, not to mention that you’ll enjoy extensive support from numerous users. React developers continue to contribute, making the framework better. You’ll also find numerous tutorials from experts, including step-by-step guides, articles, and videos, among other resources. This means that you won’t be stuck in the development process, as you can the readily available support community to handle any challenge along the way.

React.JS continues to prove that it is the go-to even for the most complex apps. The framework is designed with high performance being the core. From the comfortable learning curve, virtual DOM, and easy deployment, react developers can quickly handle your app needs and deliver a top-class product.

This guest column was written by Hannah Madison.