DETROIT – A May survey of 1000 people working from home found 83 percent have shifted their work hours to better suit their life, 75 percent say their job performance has either “increased or stayed the same,” and 25 percent say they are now working some hours on the weekends.

Metova conducted this as a followup to their April survey which found that 57% of those newly working from home due to COVID-19 would prefer to work from home in the future.

Other results show:

Most (46 percent) are working more hours overall – and also working hours that better fit their lifestyle

Only 15 percent of those newly working from home due to COVID-19 have maintained their previous work schedule

43 percent are “starting earlier – and stopping earlier in the day”, 38% are “starting later -and stopping later in the evening” and 26 percent are “distributing hours differently” (a mix of early, late and additional breaks)

“Comfortable environment” (51 percent) “Flexible schedule” (52 percent) and “No commute” (48 percent) are the top reasons for increased productivity

But distraction is leading cause of not being productive at 56 percent

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