BIRMINGHAM – Angel investors Doron York and David Weaver, known lately as the co-founders of Cityside Ventures, have come up with a new way to help small businesses survive the COVID-19 depression that some experts say could bankrupt half of them by the end of 2020, if not sooner.

Enter eiconica Advisors, billed as the Ultimate Business SWAT team, with an acronym for Special. Workout. Advisory. Team.

David Weaver

“We noticed that startups and small companies are lurching from one crisis to another,” York said. “Now in this economic crisis all companies need help, but typically smaller companies need a lot more help. They need to restart and reboot. David and I combined forces and launched this new advisory group.”

York said the question eiconica will attempt to solve for its clients is “can I survive in the next normal? If so, how?”

Weaver, who also founded Great Lakes Angeles two decades ago, and Aimattech Consulting in 1985, said York and he decided that they have some open time to help companies, both new and established, hence the creation of eiconica. Weaver said both men have added a lot of additional talent that rounds out the new consulting team.

“We want to help the companies that are struggling right now to get through the pandemic,” Weaver said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic ends, the world is facing a huge recession – some even say a depression similar to the 1930s.

Doron York

Doron York

“According to all experts, 50 percent of companies will not survive, including some Fortune 500 companies,” York said. “We expect the hammer to hit in October and November. We know the small guys will be left hanging. We’re looking for golden nuggets in this crisis to help. In some cases, we’ll offset our work for equity.”

According to the website, eiconica is a “high impact business coaches and advisors that provide your business with all of the critical, fully vetted and credible resources such that you can work IN your business while we are working ON your business. We represent and act as the “voice” of the business to balance between the needs and wants of your business, separate from the needs and wants of the owners. In that fine balance lays the success of a business.

“Our group of highly qualified business builders, disruptors, innovators and seasoned business coaches provide the “insurance policy” that protects your business and ensure its success.

“The purpose of our work is to empower and enable business leaders, corporate executives and organizations worldwide to powerfully impact those critical core commitments that are highly relevant to them. Our approach to business is action-oriented, based on the equation of accountability + discipline + action = performance. with a key emphasis on long-term sustainability.

“Our work addresses all the critical factors required to create and embed the culture and practices of high performance within our clients’ organizations. Our work moves clients from producing predictable results to producing unprecedented business results.”

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