Toyota Developing Fuel-Cell Auto Technology To Leave EVs Behind

The Chinese industry is monopolizing the production of EVs, while in America we try to overtake them with the same technology. However, Japan has just taken a step forward with a new generation of engines that has the experts in shock. The reason? You may be familiar with them: they only emit water vapor, they are combustion engines, and they will

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GM: With Production Hell Now Over Plans To Build 20X More Ultium EVs In 2024

DETROIT - General Motors looks to get back on track this year as executives believe EV “production hell” is behind it. After missing EV sales targets for the past two years, will 2024 be the year of execution, as GM says it will? After delivering 75,883 EVs last year, GM (again) missed its target of selling

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National Alien Abduction Day March 20 – Which States Report The Most?

In honor of National Alien Abduction Day on March 20, a new survey claims to show which states where you're most likely to be abducted by aliens. According to data, more than 40 percent of Americans think UFOs are alien spacecraft from other planets or galaxies. Both #ufo and #aliens have amassed over 3 million

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J.D. Power: GenZ’ers Use Phones More, Have More Network Problems

TROY–While younger wireless customers typically have higher phone usage than older customers, they also experience more network problems, according to the recently released J.D. Power 2024 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study Volume 1. Specifically, the study found that Gen Z customers use their phones more than 300 minutes per day on average, while Pre-Boomers

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Michigan Celebrates Small Business Deadline Extended Until November 22

LANSING - Good news - there's still time to submit your nominations for the 20th Annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards.  Final Deadline: November 22nd. Help MCSB shine a spotlight on Michigan's deserving small businesses! Nominate a Michigan small business you think deserves to be recognized: Nominate Now Now

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Portage Gets High Speed Fiber Internet From Metronet

PORTAGE–Evansville, Ind.-based Metronet announced that residents and businesses in the city of Portage in Kalamazoo County now have, or will soon have, access to 100% fiber optic internet. As Metronet’s service becomes available throughout the city, residents will have access to multi-gigabit speeds up to 2 gigabits per second; and businesses may access speeds up

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Report: Only 24.4 Percent Of U.S. Cannabis Businesses Are Profitable

LONDON, UK - Whitney Economics, a cannabis economics data, consulting and research firm, has published its second annual Cannabis Operator Sentiment and Business Conditions survey report. The survey measured shortages and surpluses in materials, services and labor inputs against future expectations. Expected revenues, profits, margins, costs and other basic business measurements are also revealed. Key

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Paper-Thin Film Turns Any Wall Or Furniture Into A Heater

SAN FRANCISCO - By 2050, two out of every three people will likely live in cities. This urbanization will introduce a number of environmental challenges, especially in the heating sector, which accounts for half of the world’s energy consumption. This is where a company from Finland might come in. Engineers at The Warming Surfaces Company have created a novel concept

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