MSUFCU’s Reseda Group Invests $8 Million In Four Fintech Startups

EAST LANSING–Reseda Group, a wholly owned credit union service organization of MSU Federal Credit Union, announced $8 million in investments to support and grow several emerging fintech companies. The investments are spread across the four companies—Nymbus, Flow Networks, Prizeout, and Larky—and are part of Reseda Group’s efforts to bring innovative technology and solutions to help credit unions create a

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Accidental Truth: The UFO Revelations Trailer Revealed

SAN FRANCISCO - A lot was happening in 2020 so there’s a chance you may have missed something—like the fact the New York Times published a story basically saying aliens are real. The claim was based on a document stating that the government has found unexplained objects that were “not made on this earth.” You read that right. So yeah, that

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Reducing Harm From Opioid Use

Opioid use is a growing problem in the United States, with an estimated 8.9 million people using opioids for non-medical purposes. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the harm associated with opioid use. Here, we'll discuss some of these strategies and how they can help individuals who are struggling with opioid addiction.  Education One of

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Michigan NORML’s Rick Thompson With Cannabis News Jan 25 Edition

ANN ARBOR - Michigan NORML Executive Director Rick Thompson gives you the top cannabis news from Michigan and beyond in this video update on Four20 Post Live, streaming video interviews with Michigan’s business cannabis leaders. Email him with your news tips at [email protected] https://youtu.be/WOySJRSGKkg

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Digital Revolution Changes The Way Streaming Video Disrupts Television Industry

The use of technology and consumers' streaming behaviors have evolved considerably during the past few years. More than ever, we enjoy watching for pleasure. Still, with advanced technologies such as Spotify, Netflix, HBO Max, etc., we can now do it on any internet-connected device as compared to the conventional techniques utilising satellite or cable tv

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If You Want Your Kids To Be Cyber Savvy, Enroll Them In Cyber Patriot

ANN ARBOR - If you want you kids to become cyber savvy, and perhaps explore what it takes to become a six-figure income cyber professional, you want to watch this video. Tamara Shoemaker, Michigan manager of the Cyber Patriot program, provides all the details on both. She also leads the Automotive ISAC program that teaches

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Best Low-Risk Casino Offers 2022 Top UK Risk-Free Casino Bonuses 

LONDON, UK - The best casinos offer low and zero-risk games and bonuses. When analyzing the top low and high-stake online casinos, consideration must be kept for a safe gambling experience, including the legality, bonuses offered, the games and wager conditions. We regularly review the best and most reliable online gambling sites available for you

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Embedded Solar Facade Generates 50 Times More Power Than Regular Solar Panels

MELBOURNE, Australia - An under-construction building in Australia will be the first to be equipped with a 'solar facade' that will help it generate more power than it needs, New Atlas reported. With the world looking for means of meeting its energy demands without emitting carbon dioxide, renewables like solar are picking up steam more than

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WATERGATE – 50 Years Later – The Crisis that Started It All

GRAND RAPIDS – Join the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation and Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum June 16 and 17 as it explores the legacy of Watergate fifty years on. The museum's two-day event features distinguished speakers—Richard Norton Smith, Brian Lamb, Tevi Troy, Garrett Graff—who will share never-heard stories about the crisis that

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Scientists Reveal the Fourth Signature of the Superconducting Transitions

PALO ALTO, Ca. - research team at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University has finally revealed that fourth signature with precise, high-resolution measurements made with angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, or ARPES, which uses light to eject electrons from the material. Measuring the energy and momentum of those ejected electrons reveals how the electrons inside the

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