Four20Post Live: Cannabis News Updates, Focus On CBD, Monroe Street Fair

ANN ARBOR - On Four20Post Live today, Rick Thompson updates Michigan cannabis news. Casey Yosin from Total Health Companies will talk CBD, as will Nick Young from Krystilion. Dave Crabill from iHemp Michigan will talk Hemp farming (where the CBD comes from) and Charlie Strackbein will explain why he has postponed the Monroe Street Fair

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COVID-19 Forces Monroe Street Fair Organizers To Reschedule Event For 2022

ANN ARBOR - Monroe Street Fair Founder Charlie Strackbein announced this week on the event’s Facebook page that the popular complimentary festival side of the annual Hash Bash on the University of Michigan Diag would likely not  return until 2022 at the earliest, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In an interview Tuesday with Michigan Marijuana

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MITech TV: Amazon Impact On Retail, Pandemic Impact On C-Level Hiring, COVID Impact On Schools Reopening

ANN ARBOR - Melih Oztalay from SmartFinds Marketing returns on MiTech TV to talk about Amazon for Retailers, Amazon Prime Day, and Amazon Marketing….it all plays into the pandemic and physical stores closing while virtual stores are doing well. Gary Erickson from Executive Search Partners returns to talk about how to get those C-Level jobs.

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MITech TV: MCWT, Utility Payment Help, COVID Testing Update

ANN ARBOR - On MITechTV July 27, Kathleen Norton-Schock updates happenings with Michigan Council of Women in Technology and on her own podcast, Diva Tech Talk. MPSC Commissioner Dan Scripps explains options utility customers have on payment assistance during the pandemic. The show wraps up with infectious disease expert Fred Brown updating the latest medical

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Cybersecurity Tips For Working Remotely, Michigan Becoming Space State, New COVID Tests

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV, cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann will provide tips on how remote workers can safely connect to the office network without opening the door to hackers. Gavin Brown, executive director of the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association, updates the North American Space Summit and Michigan’s efforts to become a space state. Infectious

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Walk-Through Testing For COVID-19, Predicting Virus Spread After Public Gatherings

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV June 22, Larry Shattuck and Ari Reuben from Soter Technology will announce a new walk-through technology device, like an airport scanner, that will measure four vital signs to determine within 5 seconds if someone has COVID-19. They will be joined by Lt. Gen. PK Carlton, the former Surgeon General,

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COVID-19 Update: Canadian 3D Printers, LTU Fall Update, Cyber Threats, Blood Types And Infection Risks

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV June 15, at 2 pm Steph Sharp, CEO of Canadian-based 3DQue Systems, will provide details on how her company uses software to tell 3D printers how to make PPEs.  At 2:15 Lisa Kujawa, Associate Provost at Lawrence Tech, will explain how the STEAM college will provide education for its

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Everstream Completes Purchase Of Detroit’s Rocket Fiber

DETROIT — Rocket Fiber LLC, the Detroit-based internet service provider, has been purchased by Everstream, a Cleveland-based fiber network. The deal, announced earlier this year, is now completed. The purchase is part of Everstream’s strategy to provide reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity to enterprises in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. With the deal’s close, Everstream has added

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Unemployment Filings Grow By 27 Percent For Record 384,844 Initial Claims

DETROIT - For the week ending April 4, the State of Michigan experienced a new high in initial unemployment insurance claims, with 384,844 initial claims, reports The Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan,  an increase of 80,509 claims, or 26.5 percent, from the week prior. While this increase looks numerically smaller than that of the

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ESD Class To Address Planning To Avert Crises — Like Coronavirus

SOUTHFIELD—The Engineering Society of Detroit will present a complimentary online one-hour educational session, “Can Crisis Be Averted?”, on Thursday, April 9 from 1 to 2 p.m. on the Zoom platform. Veteran engineer Thomas Doran will discuss how we can prevent rather than merely manage crises, as we are with the current coronavirus pandemic. Doran will

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