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AndCan Report: Cannabis Sales See Short-Term COVID-19 Spike

CHICAGO –Legal cannabis sales surged to new highs in some states even as COVID-19 caused record unemployment levels and billions in lost income. Experts at Anderson Economic Group, who have tracked legal cannabis demand through the AndCan® Index since 2015, suspect this short- term spike is unlikely to last, however, as consumer behavior adjusts to the new normal

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Four20Post: Michigan Cannabis Internet TV Show Focus On Security

ANN ARBOR - Welcome to the first Four20Post streaming video - aka Internet TV - show. Today we feature news from Rick Thompson and Jamie Cooper, plus interviews with Rudy Patros from Securatech and Kevin MacRitchie from Helios Security. So the theme is keeping our Michigan cannabis businesses secure. You're going to want to watch

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iHemp Hour: Barn Owl Drone Services Helps Farmers Find Male Hemp Plants

ANN ARBOR - Yup, that's right. Barn Owl Drone Services uses drones to find male hemp plants in fields. Owners Jaron and Sarah Hinkley explain in this video how they do that. If you're a hemp farmer, you're going to want to see this because Barn Owl Drone can save you time and money....and your

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Michigan Marijuana Report To Launch Four20Post Streaming Video Channel July 8

ANN ARBOR – Michigan Marijuana Report is launching a cannabis-focused live streaming video show on July 8 – Four20Post. The show will be co-hosted by Rick Thompson, long-time Michigan Cannabis advocate, and feature Jamie Cooper, managing director of Sensi Connects. Four20Post will air on Wednesdays, every other week. The hour-long show will be webcast live on

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iHemp Hour – Barn Owl Drone Helps Hemp Farmers Find Male Plants

Join iHemp Michigan Thursday, July 2 Noon – 1pm Barn Owl Drone Meet Sarah & Jaron Hinkley of Barn Owl Drone. Barn Owl Drone Services is a company focused on Agriculture, the surrounding  communities, and all invested in the industry. Founded in 2017, after seeing a lack of technological support for farmers in rural areas;

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Demand For Legal Cannabis In US Slowed In March: AndCan Index

EAST LANSING - Demand for legal cannabis products in the United States slowed in March, according to Anderson Economic Group’s monthly AndCan Index. While the legal cannabis market showed steady growth through most of 2019 and experienced a strong start in 2020, March numbers remained steady. AEG experts attribute the lack of growth to factors related to

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iHemp Hour June 25: Recycled Plastic, Hemp-Infused Building Blocks

LANSING - Louis Hard and Adam Dietrich join iHemp Hour June 25 at noon to tell the Michigan hemp community about their ingenious plastic recycled hemp-infused building blocks. ReBlocks is a Denver, CO based building block company that has been in the United States for a year.  Prior to that, these blocks were used in

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CannaBIZ Connection, Sensi Media Group Partner to Launch Sensi Connects B2B Platform

GRAND HAVEN - CannaBIZ Connection has partnered with Sensi Magazine Group LLC to launch SensiConnects.Com, an online community where business owners can connect and build relationships service providers in the cannabis industry across the United States, starting with Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania. CannaBIZ Connection was founded in January 2018 and in 2019 began hosting weekly

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iHemp Hour: How To Use Hemp Building Materials And Get Certification

LANSING - On iHemp Hour June 18 at noon, Dawn Schultz and Eric McKee of the US Hemp Building Association will share their insight into hemp fiber as a building material and the steps they are taking for certification. On June 11, iHemp Hour interviewed Morris Beegle of WAFA and Eric Streenstra of Vote Hemp last

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Michigan Recreational Marijuana Surpasses Medical Marijuana Weekly Sales

Six months into its existence, Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry hit a new milestone last week, exceeding medical marijuana in weekly sales for the first time ever. Some industry players like Steve Linder, president of the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, which describes its members as the General Motors, Ford, and Chryslers of Michigan’s cannabis industry, see

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