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Where You Can Buy Legal Cannabis In Columbus – Perhaps Within Days

COLUMBUS - Ohio has started doling out its first recreational marijuana licenses, revealing where Ohioans may soon be able to make their first purchases. Why it matters: The regulatory process has been moving quickly since applications opened on June 7. Some in the industry are speculating sales could begin in a matter of days. How it works: The new dual-use licenses will

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Cleveland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘Record Rendezvous’ Gets New Life As Cannabis Shop

CLEVELAND - Akron-based Klutch Cannabis, a Midwest vertically integrated cannabis company recently announced it was awarded two provisional dispensary licenses and is set to open a shop on Prospect Avenue in Cleveland on the exact spot where Cleveland’s historic Record Rendezvous once stood — a site deeply connected to the city's rock ‘n’ roll history. Cannabis and rock, particularly in the 1970s,

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Ohio Receives 235 Recreational Marijuana License Applications

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Division of Cannabis Control has received 235 applications thus far from businesses hoping to either land recreational marijuana retail permits or add that feature to their existing medical cannabis shops. Some of the applications have already been approved, ABC 6 reported, which included medical marijuana growers, processors, and testing labs that applied

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Ohio Helps Make Michigan No. 1 In Cannabis Product Sales For Now

ANN ARBOR - Michigan’s nearly $3.2 billion recreational marijuana market is bolstered by the tens of thousands of customers from Ohio who can get to Monroe Township’s so-called “green mile” off I-75, just 11 miles north of the border. But some of those sales could return to Ohio in the next couple of years as

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Ohio Cannabis Festival July 27 Hiring Joint-Rolling Judges At $100 An Hour

COLUMBUS, Ohio - As an Ohio cannabis festival prepares for launch, it’s also looking to make multiple hires with a high pay grade. The Stargazer Cannabis Festival, weeks away from its inaugural three-day run at Wisteria Campground, is taking place in the first full year that Ohio has legalized recreational marijuana, and a little over a

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Michigan Marijuana Businesses Wait To See What Happens When Federal Rules Change

SOUTHFIELD - Molly MacDonald doesn’t know much about the intricate federal regulations for marijuana. But she appreciates the donation of more than $50,000 from a local cannabis business to her breast-cancer charity. “We take financial donations from almost everyone,” said MacDonald, CEO of Southfield-based The Pink Fund, which provides financial assistance for patients’ nonmedical bills.

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Michigan Surpasses California In Number Of Cannabis Products Sold

LANSING - In March, Michigan surpassed California in products sold, a report from SFGate contends. While California sold 21.3 million legal marijuana products in March, Michigan passed that with 22 million products sold, according to BDSA’s tally. California is still outselling Michigan on the revenue front, with a total of $1.2 billion in sales for

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Baker College Teams Up With House Of Dank To Offer Internships In Detroit

DETROIT - Baker College has teamed up with House of Dank, to provide cannabis-related internships in Metro Detroit. This collaboration aims to create a talent pipeline for the cannabis industry while ensuring students receive comprehensive education and training. The news comes as Michigan emerges as the top seller of legal cannabis in the U.S., surpassing the Golden State

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Michigan Cannabis Sales In May Slightly Higher Than April

LANSING - Michigan cannabis sales in May rose by $1.1 million from April to To $279.6 million, an increase of 13.7% from May 2023. Medical sales only accounted for $1.6 million. The Cannabis Regulatory Agency reported flower made up  $124.3 million of adult-use sales in May, up from $124.1 million in April down  77.2% from

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Marijuana Banking Protections Removed From House Budget Bill

WASHINGTON DC – U.S. House Republicans have removed marijuana banking protections from a critical government funding bill, thus exposing banks to potential federal crackdowns on cannabis-related businesses. 1. Why Did The House Republicans Drop the Cannabis Banking Protections from Funding Bill? A controversial provision within a recent bill was blocked after facing significant internal opposition. 

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