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Solar Panel-Powered Vehicles Provide “5,700 Miles Free Each Year”

DETROIT - With the increasing number of people buying electric vehicles very year, many have wondered whether they can pair them with another ground-breaking, eco-friendly technology – solar panels. For a long time, it was impossible to run an EV entirely on solar power, but things may soon change as many companies are introducing vehicles

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Porsche Plans To Keep Internal Combustion Alive With e-Fuels

BERLIN, Germany - While most manufacturers are set to go fully or mostly electric by 2030, a few are working towards preserving our beloved, internal-combustion engine. Porsche is among those car manufacturers that aim to de-carbonize traditional motoring, and so far, the German automaker has invested over $100.0 million in e-Fuels. The European Commission, which is

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UFO Lurking Above U.S.’ Largest Marine Base Caught On Video

A possible UFO with flashing lights was filmed flying over a U.S. Marine base in California in 2021 and mystified witnesses, but the government claims it was a training exercise. Jeremy Corbell, who was the only civilian named during Congress' historic hearing in May 2022 on unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAPs), obtained footage and pictures of the possible UFO and

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Living Coffin Turns Human Flesh Into Compost

LONDON, UK - Want to become part of the environment when you die? Loop Living Cocoon has an answer, the world's first living coffin that enriches nature by biodegrading in just 45 days and gives human nutrients back in the most natural way. Yup. Sounds like the premise for a horror movie. The Loop Living

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Sila EV Batteries Achieve 20 Percent Increase In Range Per Charge

ALAMEDA, CA - If your electric vehicle could charge in less time than it takes to grab a cup of coffee, would you make the switch? One tech company thinks it can solve the charging challenge and reduce “range anxiety,” too. California-based Sila, a leading advanced battery materials company, announced that it has achieved a 20% increase in EV

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New Clean Fuel Could Bring Cars Powered By Sunshine

CAMBRIDGE, UK - The researchers from the University of Cambridge, UK, harnessed the power of photosynthesis to convert CO2, water and sunlight into multi-carbon fuels - ethanol and propanol - in a single step. These fuels have a high energy density and can be easily stored or transported, according to scientists. Unlike fossil fuels, these solar

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Study: Processes Found That Could Reverse Aging

COLOGNE - A new study from Germany has potentially found the answers to time-old questions: what drives ageing and what can we do to reverse it? Despite centuries of research and progress in medicine, there are still many mysteries that remain unresolved, chief among them being an understanding of what causes ageing and how can

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Southwest Michigan Sustainable Materials Management Forum

ALLENDALE - In the coming year, all counties in Michigan will begin a three-year process to reimagine their current solid waste management plan as a sustainable materials management plan. West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum and Allegan, Ottawa and Kent Counties are hosting a forum to collect insights from local stakeholders on May 25 at Perrigo. With

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Stefani Cyber Defense Partners With Shield IoT

SAO PAULO  - Stefanini Cyber Defense, a Stefanini Group company, announceD a global partnership with Israeli-based Shield-IoT, a leading cyber security software solution provider for the Internet of Things. With more than 27 billion devices expected to be connected by 2025, and driven by the growing maturity of technologies such as 5G, AI and the

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