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Microsoft Says Most Companies Won’t Hire Anyone That Doesn’t Work With AI

SEATTLE - Microsoft just released its 4th annual Work Trend Index report. And like last year, it focuses on generative AI, but with a focus on the technology's state at work. Last year's report shed light on the employees' and employer's perspectives on AI in the workplace. Two things stood out, a vast majority of the polled

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New Spacecraft System Uses Air As Fuel To Offer Endless Electric Propulsion

UNITED KINGDOM - A fuel-free satellite system that sucks in the air may be able to provide unlimited propulsion for longer-duration orbital operations one day. University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Centre researchers are developing a new breed of spacecraft that will be propelled by capturing the air rather than standard propellants. This innovative concept, called

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New Vaccine Helps Immune System Fight Deadly Brain Tumors

GAINESVILLE, Fla - Glioblastoma is the most common type of brain cancer, affecting about 3 in every 100,000 people globally each year. Recent research shows that glioblastoma incidence is risingTrusted Source due to an aging population and environmental factors such as air pollutionTrusted Source. Glioblastoma is a challenging cancer to treat and has an average five-year survival rate of 6.9%. Now, researchers from

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New Drug Candidate Could Cure Pancreatic Cancer

SAN FRANCISCO - UC San Francisco researchers have designed a candidate drug that could help make pancreatic cancer, which is almost always fatal, a treatable, perhaps even curable, condition. Pancreatic cancer is less common than these other cancers, but the lack of treatment options makes it more deadly, and it claims more than 50,000 lives

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Truck Purchasers May Qualify For Payment In $237.5 Million Class Action Settlement

TOKYO - Hino Motors Ltd., Hino Motors Manufacturing USA Inc. and Hino Motors Sales USA Inc., a Toyota-owned company, agreed to a $237.5 million Hino class action lawsuit settlement to resolve claims that certain truck models were defective and produced emissions that exceeded regulatory limits. The Hino emissions settlement benefits former and owner lessees, as

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Wingless Plane To Make Atlantic Crossing From New York To London In Less Than 5 Hours

LONDON - Brits planning US holidays to New York City could find themselves only facing a five-hour flight time in the near future, thanks to a new 'wingless' plane design that looks like something out of a sci-fi film. The supersonic aircraft could transport up to 300 passengers and reach speeds of up to 1,141mph (Mach 1.5) - over

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Michigan Auto Parts Makers Get More Than $100 Million In New Funding From Feds

DETROIT - With a fresh round of funding, the Biden administration is doubling down on its commitment to expand American manufacturing and position itself as a leader of electric vehicle production. Vice President Kamala Harris this week announced more than $100 million in new funding opportunities earmarked for the country's small businesses that manufacture vehicle parts. Much

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Researchers Innovating Fast-Charging Sodium-Ion Battery Technology

NETHERLANDS - The experts at TU Delft labs in the Netherlands are continuing their mastery of salt — at least as it pertains to battery chemistry. The team made headlines last year when Professor Marnix Wagemaker was highlighted for research into adding a cocktail of salts to batteries, resulting in increased lifespans and decreased lithium dependence. Wagemaker and others, including experts

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Toyota Advancing Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Cars, Trucks, Stationary Power

GARDENA, Calif. - For years, Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid technology. The automaker is also working on a number of vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell technology as an option. "What I like to tell people is a fuel cell is just an electric vehicle," explained Justin Ward, the general manager of Toyota's

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UD-Mercy Partners With Kaplan To Offer Free Comprehensive Test Prep for Graduate-Level Admissions And Licensing Exams

DETRIOT— University of Detroit Mercy announced a partnership with global educational services provider Kaplan to provide all of its students with free test prep courses for graduate-level admissions exams, including the GRE®, GMAT®, LSAT®, MCAT® and DAT®, and free test prep for professional licensing exams including the bar exam, INBDE®, NCLEX-RN® exam, and Physician Assistant

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