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Panic-Buying, Pot Delivery, Social Distancing: What’s Next For Cannabis During COVID-19 Crisis?

CHICAGO - In a few short years, cannabis sales have transformed from a mostly illegal enterprise to an ‘essential business’ that many states have kept open during the COVID-19 epidemic, the worst the nation has seen this past century. Experts at Anderson Economic Group have been closely monitoring COVID-19’s impacts on the cannabis industry. Charting

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Opinion: Coronavirus Outbreak Will Have Human, Economic Impact In U.S.

LANSING - The coronavirus outbreak is, first and foremost, a human health crisis. With tens of thousands of world citizens sickened and over two thousand confirmed dead, the first dimension of this tragedy is human. The second dimension is also human, and it involves the millions of people in China and other countries — including

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Monthly Demand For Legal Cannabis Products In U.S. Increased By 0.9% In November

LANSING - According to Anderson Economic Group’s monthly AndCan®Index, demand for legal cannabis products in the United States continued to climb in November 2019. AEG’s experts produce this monthly measurement by closely following 50 state trends for both the recreational and medicinal marijuana markets. Monthly calculations are based on benchmarks developed when AEG first began assessing

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AndCan Index Up In October: US Demand For Legal Cannabis Rising

LANSING - Anderson Economic Group’s monthly AndCan Index shows resumed growth in U.S. demand for legal cannabis products in October 2019. This follows a two month plateau in August and September as the market took a break from uninterrupted growth between January and July. Year-over-year, the growth rate strengthened further to a rate of 16.9

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AndCan Index: September Demand Flat For Legal U.S. Cannabis Products

EAST LANSING —According to Anderson Economic Group’s monthly AndCan®Index, demand for legal cannabis products in the United States remained flat in September. This monthly measurement closely follows trends across all 50 states for both the recreational and medicinal markets, based on benchmarks developed when AEG began assessing the market in 2015. Through July, the legal cannabis

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Study: Mismanagement Of AI, Machine Learning Opens Company’s To Financial Damages

ROYAL OAK - Anderson Economic Group’s Patrick Anderson explains a new study that demonstrates the potential for substantial financial damages for businesses from the mismanagement and misuse of AI and Machine Learning.

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Report: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Errors Pose Enormous Financial Risks For Businesses Worldwide

EAST LANSING – Economist Patrick Anderson in May presented findings at an International conference that demonstrates the potential for substantial financial damages for business worldwide from the mismanagement and misuse of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning data. The findings, which describes four main categories of damages resulting from improper implementation of AI principles, suggests a

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Three Charts Tell The Story of General Motors’ Painful Decision To Close Plants

EAST LANSING - Anderson experts released this week three interactive data visualizations that show why General Motors made the painful decision that they announced on November 26. “The visualization put together by our consultants provides insight into why GM made this tough decision,” said Patrick Anderson, Principal and CEO of Anderson Economic Group. The visualization

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Michigan University Research Corridor Contributes $18.7 Billion To State Economy

LANSING - Michigan’s University Research Corridor contributed $18.7 billion to the state economy in 2017, up from $16.5 billion in 2015, a report from Anderson Economic Group reports. The impact also marks an increase of 46 percent since 2007, the year the URC was formed and began benchmarking its impact on the state of Michigan.

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