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World Cup Bracket Challenge Draws Competitors From 40 Countries

EAST LANSING – Are you as excited about the World Cup as the rest of the planet? Supported Intelligence LLC—the Michigan-based company behind SmartBracket—sure is, and signed up early adapters from 40 countries within the first 48 hours of opening it up.  “After an incredibly successful March Madness season, with our one-click bracket placing in

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SmartBracket 2018 Helps You Crush Your NCAA Basketball Office Pool

ROYAL OAK - Want to crush your office NCAA College Basketball pool? Well a software program developed by Supported Intelligence in East Lansing can help you do just that. SmartBracket 2018 went live Sunday night, after a “furious 2 hours putting the final touches on the actual selections by the NCAA for over 64 teams

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Supported Intelligence Working With U-M Students To Connect Traffic Lights To Vehicles

ROYAL OAK - Supported Intelligence has developed some interesting technology to research and prototype an application for a connected vehicle. Supported Intelligence, a tech company that grew out of Anderson Economics Group several years ago, is working with some University of Michigan engineering students to better connect with vehicles that could make traffic signals more

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SmartBracket Helps Users Crush Their NCAA Basketball March Madness Office Pool

ROYAL OAK - Want to crush your March Madness office pool this year? Supported Intelligence may have a way for you to do so. Patrick Anderson who co-founded the East Lansing software company explains how SmartBracket works. The national SmartBracket finished in the 95th percentile in both the Yahoo! and ESPN bracket compeitions, ahead of

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Advanced Statistical Analysis Shows No Evidence Of Systematic Tampering In Michigan Election

EAST LANSING - Anderson Economic Group, LLC, has completed a forensic analysis of the 2016 election results. In a letter to the Secretary of State, AEG concluded that the outcome of this analysis shows no evidence of fraud or tampering with the Michigan 2016 general election results of the office of the President. “This review

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Forbes Magazine Profiles AEG’s Analysis – Best Predictor of the Presidential Election

EAST LANSING – U.S. voters are likely to provide the largest number of votes to the nominee of the incumbent Democratic Party on November 8. The proprietary “Pocketbook Model,” which has predicted the largest vote-getter in 22 of the past 25 elections, and every election since 1980, projects a popular vote margin of victory between 3 percent

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Michigan Startup’s March Madness Web App Fabulously Successful

EAST LANSING - Supported Intelligence LLC offered the SmartBracket web app for the first time this past March for the NCAA College Basketball championship. SmartBracket’s national bracket scored in the Ninety-fifith  percentile in both ESPN and Yahoo’s bracket contests – ahead of 12 million brackets on ESPN and 516,000 brackets on Yahoo. The app was

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SmartPitcher Provides Data-Driven Advice For 2015 World Series

EAST LANSING - The World Series is around the corner and fans are anticipating the first pitch. But what exactly determines what that pitch will be? What if we could add some science to this art? What if we could quantify a batter’s strengths and weaknesses and determine just how effective he is against each

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