LANSING – The Michigan Public Service Commission approved DTE Electric Co.’s revised voluntary green pricing program, which allows residential and small commercial customers to designate how much of the electricity they use is to be generated from renewable sources.

With the revisions, the Commission determined the MIGreenPower program now meets the criteria set in Section 61 of Public Act 342 of 2016 (Case No. U-18352). In October 2018, the MPSC ordered DTE Electric to make changes to the program because of concerns the Commission had about cost, particularly for marketing and administration; pricing transparency; customer options; an enrollment cap; and a lack of expansion plans.

DTE Electric refiled its plan Feb. 4 and MPSC staff determined the changes did meet the requirements the Commission adopted in December 2017.

Under the revised program, customers who want their electricity generated by wind and solar resources will pay a subscription fee of 7.2 cents per kilowatt hour. Those who want to exclusively use wind will pay a subscription fee of 5.2  cents per kilowatt hour. The cap on kilowatt hours was eliminated and more resources will be added when the program is at least 75 percent subscribed. The MPSC will review all costs in biennial reports DTE Electric is instructed to file with the Commission.

The Commission approved in January DTE Electric’s voluntary green pricing pilot program for industrial and larger commercial customers (Case No. U-20343).   

Other rulings


The Commission in May will host an introductory public meeting on Consumers Energy Co.’s PowerMIDrive electric vehicle pilot programs (Case No. U-20134). PowerMIDrive is a three-year, $10 million series of programs to support the growing EV market in Michigan through rates, rebates, and customer education. The meeting will be at the Commission’s offices, 7109 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing.


Crystal Automation Systems, Inc., also known as Casair, Inc. (Case No. U-20329); Midwest Energy Cooperative, doing business as Midwest Energy and Communications (Case No. U-17861); and Tri-County Electric Cooperative, known as HomeWorks Connect, (Case No. U-20334); have been designated as eligible telecommunications carriers. The designation allows a provider access to universal service fund support to expand and enhance rural broadband networks and provide Lifeline service to low-income customers in Michigan.