HOWELL – The Michigan STEM Partnership announced Tuesday a joint initiative with the Mobile Technology Association and Inforum to collect and share videos from STEM professionals in order to enable student, parent and educator awareness of STEM careers and the opportunities they provide, and to encourage student participation in STEM careers.

Known as the ‘Michigan STEM Careers Video Showcase’, this initiative will feature self-produced smartphone videos from MTAM and Inforum members, as well as others working in STEM-related positions across a wide diversity of industries throughout Michigan. These STEM professionals will be providing videos, typically 3 – 5 minutes in length, that will discuss the work they do, the type of education required, what they love about their job, and the “opportunity” from their perspective (ie: why students should pursue that career).

These videos will then be hosted on the Michigan STEM Partnership website at for review and use by students, parents and educators, as well as shared in various media assets and public presentations by representatives of the involved partner organizations.

Goals for this initiative include:
·         Increasing student awareness of the wide variety of STEM-related careers, requirements to work in those careers, and the opportunity those careers provide for exciting, challenging and lucrative careers
·         Increasing parent awareness of the same in order to enable parents to see the value in supporting their children to go into STEM-related careers – particularly females and minorities who are currently severely under-represented in many STEM fields
·         Providing educators with a tool they can use as part of their curriculum
·         Providing Michigan businesses an opportunity to showcase their firms and their employees as a potential recruitment tool
·         Providing STEM employees across every industry in Michigan an opportunity to showcase their expertise

Careers expected to be represented in the video showcase include:
·         Connected / autonomous vehicles and other forms of transportation
·         Transportation management systems
·         Manufacturing; distribution, resource automation, fluid/processes
·         Healthcare and life sciences
·         Mobile app development
·         Cybersecurity
·         Entertainment
·         Security / public safety
·         Law enforcement / defense
·         Energy / utilities
·         Consumer / home products and services
·         Building management; commercial, institutional, industrial
·         Many more!

The partner organizations are currently accepting videos from STEM professionals in Michigan to be part of the ‘Michigan STEM Careers Video Showcase’. Those interested can obtain details for participating at