ANN ARBOR – Infectious disease expert Fred Brown offers a slide show he prepared for one of the two major US political parties that predicts how the pandemic could impact in-person voting. More than two-thirds of the states now are experiencing steep peaks for COVID-19 contagion levels.

President | Chief Operating Officer , Fred Brown Management Consulting, LLC

C-suite strategy and operations consulting to healthcare providers, insurers and suppliers. COO –

Leading Health Big Data Company supplying integrated systems development and registry solutions to life sciences companies to manage value-based purchasing, real-life trials, and outcomes research. Led PD1 inhibitor pivotal trial network. Global operations in 16 countries. Managed P&L, personnel deployment, product lifecycle, client sales and delivery. Raised venture funding.

Leading Academic Medical Center – Office of Strategic Program Management: Opened new PMO reporting to Executive Council to re-engineer research, clinical and support operations across academic health system. Developed and launched PMO lifecycle methodology. Staffed and trained program management leaders and project teams. Launched Value Margin Improvement Program in 4 waves to improve margins from -1.7% to +3.2% in one year.