TROY –  ManagedWay is offering 100 Gbp fiber optic service direct to its customers.

One of ManagedWay’s early 100 Gbps clients is MiSEN, the Michigan State Education Network that connects teachers and students and is one of the state’s most robust and demanding network infrastructures. By using multiple connection points, ManagedWay’s service to MiSEN is actually scalable up to 400 Gbps.

“Today’s classrooms are better connected than ever before, and these connections are critical to the overall success of our educational system,” said Managed Way CEO Robert Sanders.  “ManagedWay is proud to support our dedicated teachers and help them deliver innovative curriculum to Michigan students.”

A typical business internet connection may include several different transit routes, so the overall speed of service can only be as fast as the slowest portion of the route.  ManagedWay connects fiber optic service directly to the clients’ servers in order to ensure that the end user experiences the full benefit.

ManagedWay has previously announced partnerships with many leading transit providers and has established internet Points-of-Presence in more than a dozen U.S. cities, plus several international locations. 

ManagedWay has data centers in Troy and Byron Center. The company is SOC 2 Type II compliant.  For more information, please visit