DETROIT – Digital license plates have been allowed in California and Arizona since 2019; now they are allowed in Michigan, too, but not yet for sale.

At a starting price of nearly $500 a plate with a $55 yearly connectivity fee, only 3,300 people have them in California and Arizona. The company that created them, Reviver, is in discussions with 11 other states, including Michigan, to offer the plates. Reviver expects to begin selling its digital license plates in Michigan during the second quarter next year.

The plates display computer-generated imagery, using technology that is similar to an e-reading tablet.

Reviver offers two digital license plates. The basic plate, which is battery operated, is called Rplate. It uses Bluetooth connectivity and the battery will last five years, Boston said.

The Rplate enables electronic vehicle registration renewal, eliminating the need for stickers or visits to the Secretary of State. It can also display pre-approved banner messaging such as amber or silver alerts and of course there is the pre-approved personalized messaging the owner can display using the app.

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