NEW YORK – With everything moving to streaming services right now, live TV might seem like it’s an archaic thing of the past. But don’t count it out just yet — there’s still programming, like sporting events and award shows — that aren’t easy to find or are even available online, and first-run primetime shows are still broadcast over the airwaves before making their way on to any streaming platforms.

That’s where a good TV antenna comes in. These days, the best digital TV antennas can pick up all of the major networks in hi-def, 4K quality. It’s more than just the three major networks too, as the best 4K antennas can pick up over 50 channels. No more rabbit ears reaching up to the ceiling, or coat hangers and tin foil or whatever other old-school tricks you used to pick up something resembling a signal. These antennas bring a picture that’s crisp and clear, and are HD and 4K capable.

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