GRAND RAPIDS – Amana Regnerus, an Executive VP at US Signal, talks about the Grand Rapids-based company’s new multi-tenant and private cloud services in US Signal’s Grand Rapids, Southfield and Detroit Metro, Michigan data centers. The enhanced services support large-scale adoption of cloud-first, hybrid and off-premise data center strategies–which are particularly important following the COVID-19 remote work spike.

US Signal customers have the ability to consume multi-tenant and private cloud services in US Signal’s Grand Rapids, Southfield and Detroit Metro, Michigan data centers. The same services will be available at US Signal’s Oak Brook, Illinois data center in July and its Indianapolis, Indiana facility in September.

Organizations will now benefit from enhanced disaster recovery, backup and managed security services and solutions. In addition, customers that colocate physical infrastructure in these sites can leverage private Layer 2 network connectivity to US Signal Cloud resources, including its HIPAA- and PCI DSS-compliant Hosted Private Cloud or a direct connection to hyperscale providers.

US Signal’s data center services support the large-scale adoption of cloud-first, hybrid, and off-premises data center strategies—all of which require colocation space. The growing demand for each of these services is highlighted within US Signal’s recent 2020 State of Data Center Offerings Survey. The report also calls out end-user preferences for third-party edge data center providers with a solid record in security, compliance and network capacity—areas in which US Signal continues to demonstrate excellence and leadership.

“US Signal has seen a 300% growth in its data center business over the past five years,” explained Dave Wisz, executive vice president of operations at US Signal. “This is a trend that’s been steadily increasing over the last year but has come to the forefront in the last few months as companies migrate to the cloud in ever-increasing numbers, due to support of remote work. Today’s announcement demonstrates that US Signal remains highly responsive to evolving customer requirements and shows that we offer flexibility to customers at every stage of their digital transformation journey.”

The dramatic increase of remote work since COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of flexible and scalable cloud-based IT resources. To address these needs, US Signal also enables access to its extensive geo-diverse data protection solutions—all with high-speed connectivity, high availability and extremely low latency of 5 milliseconds or less.

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