ANN ARBOR – Epidemiologist Fred Brown returns to explain why the COVID-19 cases in Michigan have exploded, far more than any other state. One explanation is Michigan is a big snow skiing state and many people went skiing in February only to catch the virus and spread it around the state. He had earlier predicted families could have backyard BBQs by Fourth of July. Now he predicts it might not be until September.

Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown has been on the discovery, development and/or launch teams of 27 major pharmaceutical, 13 diagnostic and 6 vaccine products.  Collectively, these products save the lives of over 5.6 million people annually and generated over $35B of revenue in 2020.

Fred Brown comes to the fight against the COVID-19 virus from a forty year career developing pharmaceutical solutions to fight infectious diseases and solving the myriad challenges involved in suppressing epidemics including HIV, H5N1, Ebola, Zika, measles and malaria. His extensive experience managing past pandemics are accelerating and supporting personal, business and government responses to COVID-19 around the world.

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