ROYAL OAK – PIXO is a software developer for industrial, energy and utility companies that are committed to providing the safest training available: virtual reality training. In this M2 TechCast segment, CEO Sean Hurwitz is interviewed by Tech248’s Greg Doyle to highlight the cool tech companies in Oakland County.

Founded in 2009, Hurwitz believed in unfolding limitless possibilities through technology. PIXO had one of the first apps in the Apple iPad Store and early titles in the burgeoning video game space.

When virtual reality announced its firm arrival with the Oculus, PIXO’s team of developers and artists got to work with VR. The company’s background in gaming, design and enterprise projects transitioned perfectly to this new space.

Creative Director Ben Mazza clearly saw the potential for this technology to be applied to areas outside of entertainment. The logic involved in gaming, combined with custom world building, meant safe training environments for the world’s most dangerous jobs.

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