Tech248 Update: ORBBEC Builds 3D Cameras For VR, AR, 3D Printing, AI And More

ROYAL OAK – Virtual and Augmented reality are becoming the hot new technologies on the scene. Troy-based ORBBEC makes computer-controlled 3D cameras that can see, hear and respond to people and their environments with unprecedented accuracy fitting in nicely with this trend. ORBBEC is the featured company in this Tech248 update.

Irene Spanos, who manages Tech248, the Oakland County technology networking group, interviews Founder David Chen who announces his company is hiring in Troy and hopes to relocate some manufacturing to Oakland County from China.

Chen said multiple industries that are dependent on excellent 3D camera technology are garnering tremendous attention and experiencing rapid growth are potential customers of ORBBEC. This includes 3D printing, IoT, medicine, as well as AR and VR. ORBBEC wants to provide the camera that drives this technology forward.

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