ROYAL OAK – There’s an advanced digital local marketing auto dealership program with proven results that increases a dealership’s awareness among local active vehicle buyers. Really.

Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartOne, a Birmingham, Michigan, Internet marketing company, said SmartOne is co-op compliant with OEMs, and it also increases service center appointments and profits as well.

SmartOne differs because it is entirely managed by a digital marketing agency and not just a technology provider. Digital agencies manage the strategy, processes and analyze results.  Technology companies just focus on services and tasks. The difference is like hiring your printer to be your ad agency four decades ago.

Another major benefit is dealers reach new customers who may be driving vehicles made by other OEMs – can you say conquest sales.

What’s more, none of these new customers have done business with your dealership recently. SmartOne purges your dealership’s CRM and DMS systems of all customers who have done business with you in the previous five years. Target audiences can be selected by specific demographics and zip codes.

The local marketing program combines six marketing channels to achieve its goals instead of one, two or three.  This process helps with higher Google search engine rankings. SmartOne marketing channels include Press Release Marketing for news sites, E-Mail Marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Re-Targeting Advertising, and Google Re-Targeting ads.

The six marketing channels work together to hyper-target an audience known to be interested in auto promotions. No single marketing channel can achieve these results on its own. SmartOne creates a saturation campaign continuously over the eight-week program through major digital marketing channels focused to the local target audience.

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