Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Helps Get Tasks Done, Better, Quicker

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Helps Get Tasks Done, Better, Quicker

ROYAL OAK – How can you transform your company’s data into powerful visuals for employees to help them get tasks done better and faster, which, in turn, adds more value to your company? Red Level Software Developer Nick Kirk explains how in this M2 TechCast interview.

Kirk said the trick is to use Microsoft Power Business Intelligence to make usable, actionable data available throughout your company. It also helps develop new services, while providing crucial insights from disjointed and under-analyzed data.

In this podcast interview, Kirk will answer the following questions:

1) As a business owner, what are some key symptoms on misinterpreting or not knowing how to use my data correctly?

2)  Is there a certain methodology or best practices to better interpret/analyze my data?  Are there specific signs I can look for as an owner or analyst that my data is mis-interpreted?

3) What are some of the common benefits of Power BI?

4) What should be your next steps? Do you have to hire an internal developer or programmer to resolve these issues?

5) What separates Power BI from other comparative tools in the marketplace?

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