DETROIT – The simple act of dressing oneself for one out of six people is a daily struggle. Enter magnetic buttons. Founder Gina Adams joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan on M2 TechCast to explain how the Buttons 2 Button team developed a patent-pending, no-sew, adapter set that convert traditional shirts into magnetic closures to help overcome dexterity limitations faced with chronic illness or recovering from surgery. Her company is called Wareologie. 

Gina Adams

Buttons 2 Button’s innovative design is easy to attach to shirts of your choice. Simply pop one part over the shirt button and the other part to the buttonhole to transform shirts into magnetic closures. Fine motor skills are necessary for installing, but are specially designed for long-term use and withstand regular washing and drying. The unique, semi-permanent attachment allows product to be used temporarily and transferable to other shirts. The limited edition magnetic buttons aresold in sets of 9 for $30 or in bulk quantities.

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