NEW YORK – A top-secret US-Aquatic Military Drone with a futuristic design was unexpectedly revealed on Google Maps.

A submarine prototype, nicknamed “Manta Ray,” was unexpectedly exposed by eagle-eyed Google Maps users and was briefly available for anyone to see online.

1. When Did The Top-Secret US-Aquatic Military Drone Spotted On Google Maps?

On Sunday, photos surfaced online showing US naval submarine drone the “Manta Ray”. Additionally, this autonomous vessel docked at Port Hueneme naval base in California according to images.

The defense giant released photos of the vessel showing it gliding underwater. Afterward, they replaced the image with a normal ship. As a result, many internet users questioned the ‘security lapse’ and wondered if this was a deliberate plan or a negligent act.

2. How Did The US-Aquatic Military Drone Appear On Google Maps?

The US-Aquatic Military Drone Manta Ray’s uncanny resemblance to a Star Wars spacecraft stood out sharply against the backdrop of more conventional docked vessels. The images exploded online, captivating defense enthusiasts and technophile crowds with a rare glimpse of the futuristic craft.

3. Facts About The Top-Secret US Aquatic Military Vessel ‘Manta Ray’:

Here are some interesting facts about the US top-secret military drone Manta Ray:

  • Reportedly, Northrop Grumman as part of a US Navy project is responsible for building the submarine.
  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a long-range underwater drone called Manta Ray.
  • Named after the broad, diamond-shaped fish, this multi-phase project includes testing critical technologies at sea.
  • The smooth-looking autonomous vessel was named after the sea creature for its slick design and its ability to anchor itself deep underwater.
  • Manta Ray boasts an impressive ability to “hibernate” on the ocean floor for extended periods without needing to refuel.
  • Reportedly, the authority tested the Manta Ray off the coast of Southern California for several months earlier this year.

4. Reviews About The US Aquatic Military Vessel ‘Manta Ray’:

The Manta Ray glides silently through the water using buoyancy-driven propulsion. This technology paves the way for real-world missions. Additionally, Dr. Kyle Woerner confirms it by successful full-scale testing . Dr. Woerner is the program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Moreover, defense analysts suspect the Manta Ray is part of a larger effort to counter advancements in submarine technology by Russia and China.

Final Thoughts:

As previously discussed, the US Navy’s classified ‘Manta Ray’ aquatic drone weapon was unexpectedly spotted on Google Maps at Port Hueneme naval base in California.

The Manta Ray’s discovery further highlights the ongoing development of autonomous underwater vehicles by the US military, potentially in response to increased submarine activities by Russia and China.

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1. Why is the Manta Ray drone making headlines?

The Manta Ray drone recently gained attention as Google Maps satellite imagery spotted it at Port Hueneme naval base in California, providing the public with a rare glimpse of its size and shape

2. What are the potential applications of the Manta Ray drone?

The Manta Ray’s long-range capabilities and silent operation suggest various potential applications, including intelligence gathering, underwater exploration, and potentially anti-submarine warfare.  Specific details and deployment plans remain confidential.