ANN ARBOR – MITechNews is adding a live Internet TV show in July, as the weekly M2 Techcast on the PodcastDetroit Network evolves from audio to video.

M2 Techcast, which airs live on Monday from 2 to 3 pm, will retain the same format, with four segments featuring interviews with Michigan’s top technology, and business professionals. The interviews will be shot at PodcastDetroit’s new TV studio in Royal Oak.

Co-hosts are Mike Brennan, Editor & Publisher of MITechNews.Com, and Matt Roush, Managing Editor University News Bureau, Director of Media Relations for Lawrence Technological University, formerly Editor of the Great Lakes IT Report published by WWJ News Radio.

Matt Roush

Mike Brennan 

“We’re really excited to add even more video programming to MITechNews.Com,” said Brennan. “Video is by far the most popular news on social media. Now we will have a live Internet TV show that when concluded will feature each of our 12-minute segments on-demand that will be shared on social media.

“And later this year, we’ll be rolling out yet another video platform that will expand our live TV capabilities in what we’re calling CloudTVNetwork,” Brennan said. “That platform will allow us to do live panel discussions, multiple person interviews with anyone, anywhere at any time.”

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