LANSING – The Michigan-based artificial intelligence software firm Supported Intelligence kicked off its “SmartBracket” application for fans of the annual NCAA basketball tournament today.

SmartBracket uses patented, invented-in-Michigan technology to fill out every single bracket of the 64-team tournament, after the user answers just three questions. It has been recognized by Forbes magazine as “the best way to pick a bracket,” after it compiled an amazing record in the past three years.


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 “We’re happy to announce that this technology will be available again in 2019,” said Patrick L. Anderson, the founder and executive chairman of SI. “I used SmartBracket myself last year. I paid $5, was done with my entire bracket in four minutes, and did better than my friends who studied basketball charts for hours.”

He added: “Particularly satisfying was winning first place in a small pool full of professors, computers scientists, and software engineers.”

The Rapid Recursive technology used by SmartBracket is normally reserved for serious decision problems in business. Another application of the technology was featured in the 2018 award-winning article in the journal Business Economics, where it outperformed seven different machine learning algorithms, as well as cash-flow models, in a natural experiment.

“This is a fun and entertaining way to use cutting-edge technology to save time and have more fun,” said Ervin Batka, lead developer for Supported Intelligence. “This year we’ve improved the web and mobile applications to make them easier to use,. We are looking forward to another fun tournament time.”

Getting the SmartBracket Application

SmartBracket is available on the web (at ) and on mobile applications for both Apple and Android devices.

The Rapid Recursive technology is covered by US patent 7,798,700 and Japan patent 6284472; and has other patents pending. The Rapid Recursive system allows skilled users to compose, check, and solve sequential decision problems in a variety of fields. Supported Intelligence LLC develops and markets the Rapid Recursive technology, and offers the SmartBracket technology for entertainment and technology demonstration purposes.

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