MVCA Report: 2,476 Professionals At 152 Organizations To Serve Michigan Entrepreneurs

ANN ARBOR – A new report says there are 2,476 professionals, working at 152 organizations, that serve Michigan entrepreneurs, including 56 high-tech angel and venture capital investment organizations actively working in Michigan.

The 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide goes on to say the most common area of focus for investors working in Michigan is early-stage information technology. This includes 96 entrepreneurial support organizations in Michigan. The most common area of focus for entrepreneurial support organizations in Michigan is pre-seed stage information technology startups.

“The 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide and the online Landscape Map are fundamental resources for high-tech entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow a business in Michigan and for investors who want to make meaningful connections,” said Maureen Miller Brosnan, Michigan Venture Capital Association Executive Director. “These tools are designed to connect people with the capital, community, talent and research necessary to build a strong entrepreneurial and investment community in Michigan.”

In addition to the Guide, MVCA hosts an interactive Landscape Map on its website that allows users to navigate all the resources featured in the Guide by geographic location, industry sector, and organization type. Together, these tools provide people with the information needed to connect with Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community efficiently.

Download the 2017 Michigan Entrepreneurial & Investment Landscape Guide!