WASHINGTON DC – A proposal from the Federal Aviation Administration to track nearly all remote-controlled drones was unveiled last week, affecting nearly all drones in the U.S., both recreational and commercial. The only exception are drones under 0.55 pounds, which don’t require FAA registration. 

Most photography drones, like the DJI Mavic, weigh about a pound and would need to comply with the new regulations.

Called “Remote ID,” the new system would make it easier to track the location of nearly every drone flying, and identify its registered operator. The new process would be similar to registration for airplanes. Drone manufacturers would have to start incorporating tracking tools into their devices.

The FAA argues with 1.5 million drones and 155,000 remote pilots registered through the agency, better tracking is necessary to, well, keep track of what’s flying above. Security groups and some privacy advocates argue the plan would require drone operators to give up too much information. But a lot of people, including Congress, just want this rule to move along.