DETROIT – Motor City ISSA is hosting a virtual chapter meeting Feb. 18 focused on Cybersecurity in the age of COVID – a trip down the risk mitigation lane.

Guest speaker is Juman Doleh-Alomary, Director of IT Audit at Wayne State University.

The COVID 19 pandemic put a strain on organizations worldwide to continue operating despite the massive shutdown of their buildings; therefore, forcing them to expand their remote work environment. That translated to an expanded digital foot print to keep employees and customers/students/clients connected to each other and to the organization’s data and services.

With all the increased demand placed on the digital infrastructure and connectivity, organizations became a ripe target for cybercriminals! Consequently, cybersecurity efforts need to be strengthened to prevent and reduce the risk of cyberattacks. In this presentation we will explore the risks and security measures that organizations with the help of their CISOs and CIOs have to take to reduce exposure and create a resilient environment.

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