ANN ARBOR – University of Detroit-Marcy Professor Tamara Shoemaker also manages Michigan’s Cyber Patriot program. In this video, she updates the national competition, provides details on summer camps, and reaches out to Michigan employers and universities to encourage them to join the program that introduces grade school students to possible cyber security careers.

Our Mission is to increase the number of Michigan Schools participating in the national CyberPatriot Program. Using this after school program we have inspired students to purse the exciting career of a Cybersecurity professional. MCISSE supports the teachers, schools, and the professional mentors. We are a coalition of Colleges and Universities dedicated to showing students a clear pathway from High School onto an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree in Cybersecurity, earning cybersecurity certifications all along the way. 

We do this by providing in-person and on-line awareness presentations and training session across the state. We hold multiple Summer Camps across the state and hold an annual Awards event celebrating the student’s success. We attend cybersecurity associations recruiting volunteers for the mentoring program, and to increase corporate support of this program. It is our hope to have enough industry support to cover our expenses and to make sure that every school in Michigan can participate in CyberPatriot has the chance.

Contact  us to   put together a corporate sponsorship that is right for your company.  [email protected]  MCISSE is a non-profit 501 (3)(C) and your donations are tax deductible. 

A donation of $1,500 pays for one week of CyberPatriot Summer Camp, a donation of $3,000 pays for two Instructors for those Summer Camps, and a donation $5,000 helps to offset the cost of lunch during our Spring Celebration.  We appreciate all donations big or small that will bring us towards our yearly goal of $50,000 to run the Michigan CyberPatriot program.