ROYAL OAK – Everywhere you look, cybersecurity is booming. There are the scary, dark sides of this story, with data breaches being reported almost daily, foreign actors trying to influence our elections and smart cities needing more protection.

But there are also huge professional success stories with companies and people working in cybersecurity that are making national headlines, including Ann Arbor-based Duo Security, which will be purchased by Cisco for $2.35 billion in cash.

Dan Lohrmann

What worries cybersecurity professional Dan Lohrmann – who worked for 17 years for the state of Michigan including time as the Chief Information Security Officer who left the state two years ago to play a similar role in the private sector with Security Mentor – is the drain brain from the public to the private sector. Lohrmann, like so many others in the public sector, left because the private sector pays more.

In this podcast, Lohrmann talks about how this trend continues, the cyberservices market will need to drive an acceleration in government’s partnering (or “outsourcing” or “co-sourcing”) of cyberjobs with the private sector as we head into the 2020s.

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