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Project Raven – US Mercenaries Working For UAE To Hack Enemies – Stiennon Tells All

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity experts Richard Stiennon takes a deep dive into Project Raven - a team of American mercenaries hired by the United Arab Emirates to hack its enemies. The story is non-fiction, but sounds like a fictionalized cyber spy novel.  He also updates other scary cyber threats like the Apple Facetime bug that

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Airfoil Group’s Bryson Explains Latest Tech Trends, Skills Building The Next Silicon Valley

ROYAL OAK - Airfoil’s Senior Vice President, Amy Bryson discusses how the latest tech trends and skills are building the next generation Silicon Valley, outside of California. In this podcast, she explores how technology is changing how business gets done and how businesses are created. This is true for Michigan-based companies, as well as global brands.

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Digital Divas Episode 9: Shraddha Chaplot – Tech-Colored Glasses & The Power Of One

DETROIT - The Digital Divas took time at Cisco Headquarters in San Jose, California to sit down with engineer rockstar, and curious lady, Shraddha Chaplot. She is truly a woman who sees the world through "tech-colored glasses," constantly thinking about how things are made and how they can work to improve the quality of life.

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Digital Divas Episode 7: From Evolutionary to Revolutionary: Image Re-Sizing With Carrie Thorpe

DETROIT - At the 2015 Midwest Technology Leaders Conference, the premier regional tech conference, the Digital Divas met a phenomenal female duo who launched a startup in Detroit called sizzlepig. In this interview, Co-founder Carrie Thorpe shares her story about getting into technology and launching sizzlepig's new and very effective image sharing tool. http://www.digitaldivas3.com/blog/ep7

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Digital Divas Episode 2: Monica Wheat: From Helping Tech Tweens To Encouraging Angel Investors

DETROIT - Science and math whiz kid Monica Wheat, one of the founders of Digerati Girls, a program focused on helping girls develop careers in digital and digital entrepreneurship, also is the Detroit lead for a new effort connecting investors and entrepreneurs called the Pipeline Fellowship Program. She discusses all of these projects in the

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Digital Divas Episode 4: Interviews With Tech Women At South-By-Southwest

DETROIT - Digital Diva, Amanda Lewan, attends SXSW to capture exciting interviews with Women in Technology. This podcast features three short diverse discussions with women focused on: Large Scale 3D Printing, The "Internet of Everything" Bra & "Detected the Movie," and even the new .CLUB domain name extension. To listen click on DigitalDivas3.Com

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