Cutting the Cord…Suddenly At The Braun Household

Cutting the Cord…Suddenly At The Braun Household

DETROIT – Foster Braun, producer of Internet Advisor on WJR, and his wife Ginny were greeted with an unpleasant but all too frequent notice on their Roku Smart TV on the evening of July 3, that the network connection was down.  This was not an infrequent event so Foster went to the Comcast router and unplugged it for the usual 30 seconds which would then be followed by replugging the router into the power and waiting about 5 minutes for all the systems to reboot. That was when Foster discovered that he had unwittingly cut the cord!   When he tried to plug the power cord back into the Comcast router, it wouldn’t hold the power. No more thinking about cutting the cord…It was done!

Michigan’s favorite couple, Foster and Ginny Braun

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Foster Braun has been co-hosting the Internet Advisor on WJR since early February 1998 except for a short time in early 2000. He has been in the Detroit radio market since 1975 where he has worked talk shows for most of his career and started with WJR in 1996. Since 1998 he has gained enough knowledge of computers to ruin some really fine machines and then fix most of them with the help of the other Internet Advisors. In 2008 he crossed over to the Dark Side and started worked exclusively on a MacBook Pro laptop. His wife Ginny uses a Windows PC laptop running Windows 10; so Foster finds himself doing tech support in both worlds! Foster identifies himself as “the voice of the listener” sometimes fighting through the geek-speak to explanations that even he can understand.

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