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Two Heads Are Better Than One: Rehmann – Trivalent Group Merger

TROY - I’m sure you’ve heard the famous saying “two heads are better than one.” Collaboration is invaluable — and the truth is, the right people are the greatest asset of any business. We all want to work with those who have a positive attitude, a sharp mind and a common goal. As leaders in

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Introducing The Techstars Mobility Class Of 2018

DETROIT - I’m excited to introduce the 11 companies part of Techstars Class 141 – the Techstars Mobility Accelerator Class of 2018. Every company part of the 2018 Class has a diverse founding team and the businesses span a wide range of mobility solutions. 100% Diverse Founding Teams The 2018 class is our most diverse

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2018: The Year Privacy Took Center Stage

OKEMOS - As widely predicted, anticipated and even celebrated (by some), the biggest cybersecurity stories in 2018 were all about privacy. But STOP. Before you click or jump to another article, this year-end cyber-round-up is NOT a rehash of GDPR and other new global regulations. For the most part. Dan Lohrmann There is no doubt that new

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Developing your Business Strategy for Augmented Reality

DETROIT - The continuously evolving manufacturing 4.0 ecosystem challenges many industrial firms, directly affecting their core operations, productivity, and profitability.  Some common issues may include: Skilled technician availability High operator turnover Long recruitment and training cycles Complex products and workspaces Isolated/remote operations As technology transforms the manufacturing workplace, so, too, does technology offer a way

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Before You Head To The Airport For Your Thanksgiving Travels Read These Warnings

SAN FRANCISCO - Some of the busiest travel days of the year in the US are over the Thanksgiving and winter holidays. CNET.Com says lots of people at airports will be using their smartphones to surf the net and charge their devices ahead of a long flight. That makes airports prime targets for hackers. Here are a few tips

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Facebook Offers Portal Smart Camera That Frames Person’s Face In Video Call

SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook's new video chat devices Portal and Portal Plus are now available for purchase in the US, but the thought of putting another video camera and microphone in the home might make some consumers feel uneasy. The social network has a bad track record when it comes to privacy and security. A massive security breach this year allowed hackers to steal personal information from

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Calling All Manufacturers: Take A Technology Survey by Oct. 29

AUBURN HILLS - In the last decade, the pace of change in the manufacturing industry can best be described as breakneck. New regulations that influence how things are made, an evolution in the way people buy and consume goods, and a strengthened economy have all encouraged shifts in the way manufacturers run their businesses –

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Proven Ways For Auto Dealerships To Attract Customers To Their Store

BIRMINGHAM, MI - Dealerships continue to struggle attracting local consumers to their stores with the increase in marketing channel competition.  The problems range from other brand competition to competition from within the brand.  Other sources include in-brand marketing channels from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. This doesn’t mean a dealership cannot find marketing

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Leak Detection For Electric Vehicles Is Critical For Safety And Quality

DETROIT - More than 80 percent of all automotive leak testing relies on out-of-date methodology. Water-bath tests have been used in the auto industry for more than 125 years for example, but are not suitable on today’s production lines. Modern assembly lines require faster and much more accurate methods to ensure quality. Although it’s important

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MISCI And ITC Team Up For Distance Learning Program

DETROIT - A small, rural elementary school in northern Michigan. An urban charter school in California. Separated by thousands of miles, on any given day such schools may come together to learn about astronomy, weather, habitats and more through the Michigan Science Center's ECHO Distance Learning Program. ECHO, which stands for Engaging in Collaborative Hands-On learning, is part

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