CUPERTINO, CA. – WhatsApp will soon start sharing your data with Facebook whether you like it or not. In light of that, many people are searching for WhatsApp alternatives with deeper focuses on privacy and security. Here are two recommendations.

First, when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, the messaging app assured users that the acquisition would not bring any changes to its focus on user privacy and “knowing as little about you as possible.” In 2016, WhatsApp began sharing data with Facebook by default, but users still had the ability to opt-out.

It was revealed yesterday, however, that WhatsApp is making changes to its privacy to remove the opt-out option completely, at least outside of Europe. This has left many people looking for alternatives to WhatsApp for cross-platform messaging.

But the switch from WhatsApp to alternatives is not as easy as you might think. For many people, WhatsApp is a primary tool for communicating with friends and family, and while those of us intertwined in the technology community might be willing to make the switch, not everyone will feel the same way.

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