Online Black Friday, Cyber Monday Survey: Amazon, Samsung Big Winners

Online Black Friday, Cyber Monday Survey: Amazon, Samsung Big Winners

ANN ARBOR – OK. I promised not to publish any Holiday stories before Thanksgiving, but this one is about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and all the marketing hype starts this week. A survey shows most survey participants overwhelmingly prefer to buy from Amazon – and buy Samsung.

The results came from Pollfish, a mobile survey platform. A thousand American consumers participated.

When asked the question:  “How likely are you to recommend shopping at this retailer for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to a friend or colleague?” The answer overwhelmingly came back Amazon. Founder Jeff Bezos is smiling all the way to the bank.

1. AMAZON: NPS of +35

2. WALMART: NPS of 5

3. TARGET: NPS of -1

4. BEST BUY: NPS of -9

5. KOHL’S: NPS of -13

6. MACY’S: NPS of -28


7. APPLE: NPS of -32

8. NORDSTROM: NPS of -51


When asked, “On what technology brands would you most like to find a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal,” Samsung tops Apple as the most desired technology brand.

1. SAMSUNG: 69%

2. LG: 51%

3. SONY: 49%

4. APPLE: 41%


In other results, survey respondents said they want clothing bargains. 

1. Clothing: 60%

2. Movies, video games, or music: 57%

3. Entertainment systems (like game consoles): 50%

4. TVs: 49%

5. Phone and personal electronics: 49%

This differs from last year, where Americans most wanted deals on TVs and entertainment systems.

Oh and which clothing brands would they most like to find deals on for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


2. JC PENNEY: 46%


4. LEVI’S: 38%

5. FOREVER 21: 38%

Net promoter score, aka NPS, measures customer satisfaction and brand perception on a scale of -100 to +100. (A positive, high score means consumers actively recommend the brand; a negative score could mean consumers actively dissuade friends.)

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