IoT Tech Connect Calls For Papers On The Internet Of Things

TROY – IoTTechConnect.Com, a new website focused on becoming a one-stop shop for companies offering Internet of Things products and services, is issuing a call for white papers, columns, and product offerings to display in an online catalogue.

Topics include Autonomous Vehicles, Sensors and related hardware, cybersecurity, Industrial IoT, Agribusiness, Tourism, Wireless Mobility, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and more.

“Economic reports by the likes of Gartner and Business Intelligence foresees that global market will witness an investment of nearly $6 trillion in IoT solutions over the next five years and investments made in the next five years are projected to generate $13 trillion in revenue by 2025,” said Rick Beckers, CEO of CloudTech1, and co-producer of the show.  IoT Tech Connect intends to educate and support those individuals and entities that want to participate in this economic boom by bringing to them the information necessary and presenting it in an easily consumed manner.”

IoTTechConnect.Com is hosting a conference April 11-12, 2018, at the Troy (Michigan) Marriott.  Authors that provide the most compelling white papers, columns and product offerings will be invited to speak at the Conference.

“We want to showcase what Michigan and other Great Lakes states are doing with the Internet of Things,” said Mike Brennan, Editor and Publisher of MITechNews.Com, the other co-producer of the show. “Connected Technology is big in Michigan, lead by all the development work now getting done for the autonomous vehicles that will be on the nation’s roads in the next decade. But we also have a lot of other companies producing products and services for the IoT marketplace. We want to share them all with the world.”

If you have a paper you want to submit, email to Rick@IotTechConnect.Com.