ANN ARBOR – The Hero Project to benefit America’s Veterans is the focus on Four20 Post on Wednesday, July 28. We feature Rob Robar from TheHelpingFriendlySalve.Com will reveal the Hero Project packaging for his CBD product line. Jeff Cole, founder of US Hemp Brokerage in Denver, Colorado, will announce his company’s sponsorship of Hero Project. US Hemp Brokerage distributes more than 20 CBD products nationally.

Also on the show  are co-hosts Mike Brennan, Editor of Michigan Marijuana Report, Rick Thompson, Editor of the Social Revolution, Jamie Cooper, marketing manager for Sensi Connects, and Dan Sparrow, co-founder of Sparrow Consulting and HatchAPlan. Michigan Marijuana Report Publisher Dan Keelan also will make a special announcement about a new Hero Project THC product line.

Run Of Show:

1 pm – Rick Thompson with Cannabis Headlines

1:05 – Jamie Cooper with Cannabis Community headlines

1:10 – Dan Sparrow with Cannabis product review

1:15 – Rob Robar showcases his new Hero-branded CBD Line.

1:30 – Dan Keelan makes his big announcement

1:35 – Jeff Cole announces his company’s Hero sponsorship

1:55 – Shameless plugs

2 pm – Show ends

You can view the show live at Four20 Post.