LANSING – T.K. Eppley has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of Supported Intelligence, a company that develops and licenses a new class of powerful, consumer-friendly Artificial Intelligence applications.

“We are pleased to have new and experienced leadership at Supported Intelligence,” said Patrick L. Anderson, who founded the company in 2012. “T.K. brings a focus on execution that he honed as a business executive, and through his distinguished 20-year career as a U.S. Navy SEAL.”

T.K. Eppley

Anderson went on to note Eppley’s management responsibility for the budget, personnel, and operations of business units and military commands, along with his “wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity, systems, and international business, which will be put to work immediately.”

Eppley expressed enthusiasm for his new position:

“As I thank Patrick for the opportunity to build Supported Intelligence into a premier enterprise software company, I’m humbled and inspired with the foundation he and others have built. I am eager to chart a course of growth for Supported Intelligence’s products, which have the potential to transform service in the automotive, financial, marketing, and other industries.”

Eppley has successfully built and supported technology businesses across startup, Fortune 500, and government spaces. He brings over 30 years of proven transformational strategies that mature and grow businesses. Additionally, he has had executive roles with multiple technology companies, including Silent Circle, Koolspan, Blackbird, and others.

Eppley is also the founder of HögreMark, LLC, a leadership consultancy focused on the technology sector. He joins Supported Intelligence at an exciting time of growth for the company, which has recently been awarded a second U.S. patent for its Rapid Recursive® decision engine.

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