SOUTHFIELD – 123.Net Inc. announced in two press releases new deal with May Mobility and Limelight Networks. No dollar values were included.

With May Mobility, 123Net will provide data center and connectivity services. With Limelight Networks, 123Net will distribute Limelight’s online content closer to end users in the Michigan market.

Founded in 2017, May Mobility develops autonomous vehicle systems and operates cutting-edge autonomous shuttles with self-driving technology primarily for use in urban environments. It currently operates shuttles in the U.S. and Japan and has completed more than 270,000 passenger rides.

“May Mobility has network and data needs similar to any high-tech engineering company,” said Ryan Duda, 123NET’s chief technology officer. “May Mobility is pioneering autonomous tech in both lab and real-world settings, an endeavor that puts an absolute premium on connectivity, capability and reliability. 123NET is proud to support May Mobility as it continues to develop the future of autonomous vehicles.”

With Limelight Networks, the 123Net deal comes when global streaming and viewer traffic is at its highest historical point due to the impact of the pandemic. Streaming services saw a 47 percent increase in subscriptions and 16 percent increase in video consumption due to the increased number of people studying, working and shopping from home.

The new point-of-presence at 123NET’s facilities enable Limelight Networks to establish servers hosting high-demand content closer to the end-user’s customers in the state, which effectively reduces the distance and the inherent delay in delivering rich content such as live sports and gaming.

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