ANN ARBOR – Kathleen Norton-Shock updates the latest happenings with the Michigan Council of Women In Technology and her own award-winning podcast, Diva Tech Talk.

Diva Tech Talk is a specialized communication channel highlighting women doing wonderful things in the technology arena by creating podcasts from interviews with successful female individuals in the field and covering various technology events.  It was created to inform and inspire women of all ages to succeed in professional and life missions that are technology-driven.

From executives of technology corporations to scrappy entrepreneurs, women are making a huge impact using technology, and in the technology sector today. Yet, the number of women in technology careers is still much too small.  To communicate the strong value that women bring to the field, Diva Tech Talk features interviews with female technology leaders, and emerging leaders; and highlights issues and trends in technology.

Diva Tech Talk’s goal is to tell the stories of women in technology primarily through podcasts. Dynamic and accomplished women tech leaders get “on the mic” and share their perspective.  Diva Tech Talk also features roundtables on various hot topics in tech.

Our podcasts are available on through the podcast tab or from a full blog article for each episode. We also publish to iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, and Sound Cloud. Check out the podcast tab/page for all the different direct source links.

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