Rave CEO Darter Talks About National Modeling & Simulation Conference Sept. 26 In Dearborn

ROYAL OAK – Rave Computer CEO Rick Darter outlines the National Modeling & Simulation Coalition conference Sept. 26 at the Henry in Dearborn. It will feature speakers from around the country who will describe how these digital tools are used, and how they are becoming an industry – in other parts of the country but not yet in Michigan.

Rave is a high-tech company that builds purpose-built computers – not off the shelf or from assemblers like Dell. Most of its business is with the Defense Industry. But Rave also builds high performance systems to render data quickly.

To look at the conference scheduled, click on www.TheNMSC.Org

To hear more about the Conference and Rave, click on https://soundcloud.com/podcastdetroit/m2techcast-episode-95-rick-darter-rave-computer