CloudTech1’s First Technado Event Thursday March 16 At Automation Alley

ROYAL OAK – If you’re a tech professionals who wants to meet other tech professionals – and have a nice breakfast to start your work day, Rick Beckers, CEO of CloudTech1 has you covered with his new meet-up he’s calling Technado. The first whirlwind of ideas is scheduled for March 16 at 7:30 am at Automation Alley’s headquarters in Troy.

Beckers said his technology mixer is a wild tornado-kind of event – since CouldTech 1 is a cloud managed service provider – he liked the name. The intent is to follow along the path of his desire to whip up the technology community in Michigan so we come together and collaborate more often to let the world know how much technology talent there is in Southeast Michigan. At the event on March 16, he’ll explain how Tech248, Automation Alley and any other tech groups in the state can all meet each other and hopefully generate some new tech business. Beckers also announced that his company will be streaming live the events from Automation Alley and let people watch them online, or on demand if they can’t watch live. Plus he’s hosting a MITech248 event in late March at a brewery in Pontiac.

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