LANSING – Cable TV cutting is gaining momentum in Michigan, according to a new report from the Michigan Public Service Commission.

The MPSC found that the number of customers in 2019 decreased by 313,066 to a total of 1,686,006, the fourth year of decline reflecting a national trend of consumers shifting to streaming video over the Internet. Seventy two percent of providers said they saw a decrease in their number of customers.

The number of video and cable television providers in Michigan dropped to 37, from 39. Full details at Status of Competition for Video Services in Michigan report.

The number of franchise agreements between providers and municipalities stayed the same in 2019 at a total of 2,104, according to the report based on responses by providers to an MPSC survey. The report, submitted by Feb. 1 each year to the Governor and Legislature, does not include satellite TV providers, which do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Uniform Video Services Local Franchise Act.

About a third of the video and cable TV providers who responded to the MPSC’s voluntary survey reported investing more than $4.3 million in Michigan in 2019, and more than $1.2 billion since the Uniform Video Services Local Franchise Act took effect in 2006.

The webpage also lists contact information for service providers in Michigan and consumer tips. The report is based on franchise entities and video and cable television providers who responded to MPSC surveys, and other information that the Commission gathers.

A complaint form can be found at the MPSC’s Video/Cable webpage.