SOUTHFIELD – On January 1, long-time BullsEye Telecom chief operating officer Tom Tisko assumed his new role as chief executive officer of the company, which provides national multi-location communications solutions.

He replaced co-founder Bill Oberlin, who will continue to serve as chairman of BullsEye’s Board of Directors.

“I am so proud of the company that BullsEye has become, with every single employee having a role in our success,” said Oberlin. “I know that I am leaving the company well-positioned for the future and truly cannot imagine anyone better than Tom in this role. It is Tom’s proven performance during his 20-year tenure that uniquely equips him to successfully lead BullsEye going forward.”

Tom Tisko

Tisko joined BullsEye Telecom in 1999 as executive vice president and became one of its founders. Prior to BullsEye, Tisko served as director of operations at World Data Delivery Systems. He began his career as a systems engineer/manager at Electronic Data Systems Corporation, where he led and managed teams of system engineers in resource allocation, technical guidance and career development.

“My goal is to grow the company and remain consistent with what Bill has done,” he said in an interview with MITechNews.Com Editor Mike Brennan. “The compass still points north. But there’s a little difference in our approach. My background is more technical. Bill came through the Telcos as a sales person.”

This more technical background will serve BullsEye well in the years ahead, he said. The way the communications industry is today, knowing all the technology options and procedures, how they operate, and how to execute them, he said, is a big plus.

“Understanding where the technology market place is going and identifying those opportunities is an advantage, I think I have,” Tisko said. “If we’re working on an IoT platform our service is to be analytical for our customers.”

Tisko’s approach is to evaluate the product stack and to understand how they interoperate. His goal is to work with customers to customize products that serve their specific needs.

What’s new for BullsEye this year? He said wireless analytics is on the drawing boards. Retailers want to get access to consumers with mobile phones. Private Wi-Fi networks gain access to those mobile phones. Big Data and Business Intelligence will enhance that retail experience for both.

“It means technology will know your behavior. It will know where you are in a retail store, and how frequently you visit that store. In the store, technology will have higher effect on customers’ purchases. It will increase the retailer’s revenue.”

Going forward, he said he sees the need to expand BullsEye workforce. He’s looking for employees with great technical skills, and with great expectations. He wants to hire employees who embrace advanced technology.

Currently, BullsEye has 210 employees on staff, not counting an outsourced lab in the Ukraine and a call center in Costa Rica. He expects to add another 20 or so employees in Michigan this year.

Tisko also realizes he needs to increase the technical ability of his current workforce. That’s where BullsEye University comes in.

“The majority of our employees are not as technologically advanced as we would like,” Tisko said. “So, there will be lots of training opportunities in 2019. It will be a chance for them to expand their skill sets. Technology forces you to upgrade your technology skills. BullsEye will become a great place to reinvent yourself.”

Tisko added: “I’m an employee-first guy. If we make our employees happy, they make our customers happy.  We are constantly asking customers how we’re doing? We are listening and making sure we provide products and services that are in their best interest.”

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