PLYMOUTH – Recent media coverage of hospitals penalized for high rates of hospital-acquired infections brings into focus one of the most preventable causes of such infections: unclean surgical instruments.

Ensuring the cleanliness of surgical instruments has long been a vexing and troublesome issue for health care facilities. Until recently, however, most of the population was unaware of the issue. Despite implementation of standards by trained and dedicated staff, problems have continued to plague health care … until now.

For the past two years, CleanStart Surgical has been demonstrating innovation in cleaning technology that is making dirty surgical instruments a thing of the past. The CleanStart Sprint raises the bar on surgical instrument reprocessing by removing the three most common obstacles: human error, using the wrong tools for the task, and the extensive amount of time required for manual reprocessing.

“The CleanStart Sprint is in use daily at hospitals across the country where it is proving invaluable,” said CleanStart Surgical President Ryan Jankovic. “By eliminating common obstacles to reprocessing surgical instruments, the automated CleanStart Sprint allows for a new level of cleanliness with each wash cycle.”

Simply put, CleanStart Sprint is the cleaner, faster, smarter way to solve the problem of reprocessing surgical instruments.

The CleanStart Sprint is a totally automated system that uses technology adapted from more than 30 years of experience in other industries that also require rigorous attention to cleanliness. The entire cycle takes about 40 minutes and cleans all types of surgical instruments including:

  • Robotic surgical instruments
  • Orthopedic instruments
  • Neuro/suction tips
  • Laparoscopic instruments
  • Non-cannulated instruments

What makes the CleanStart Sprint so effective is its thorough and exacting process based on science, medical standards and experience. What makes it so desirable is its speed–start to finish in about 40 minutes–with consistent, repeatable results. Click here to see CleanStart Sprint in action.

The CleanStart Sprint is made in Michigan (USA) and is available nationwide.

To learn more visit, call 877-927-CLEAN (2532) or email [email protected].

This column was written by Lisa O’Connor, President of Publicom