DETROIT – Whether planning a solo adventure or a group tour, there are many ways to earn money while traveling. These options range from working on a cruise ship to freelancing. In addition to making money while traveling, these options allow you to meet people and engage in the local culture. 

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Working on a cruise ship

Consider working on a cruise ship if you want a great way to earn money while traveling the world. These positions require seven-day work weeks and split shifts. They are also physically demanding, and crew members can expect to work many hours. However, this is an excellent way to earn money while traveling and meeting great people.

There are several jobs on board a cruise ship, and salaries can range anywhere from eight hundred dollars to more than eight thousand dollars per month. Some of the most common positions include bartenders, casino staff, and spa workers. 

Signing up for Survey Junkie

Signing up for survey sites like Survey Junkie will allow you to earn cash, gift cards, and PayPal cash. As a Survey Junkie, you can make extra money while you travel. Some surveys pay up to $40 per month. This money isn’t meant to replace your full-time income but can help you save for vacations, buy holiday gifts, and pay off debt faster. In addition, you can complete surveys for a few hours a week and earn enough cash for your next trip.

Survey Junkie has an excellent mobile application that makes it simple to complete surveys on your phone. The surveys don’t take long and can earn you money in points. You can complete the tasks in as little as fifteen minutes. There are a few things to consider before choosing which surveys to complete. Our Survey Junkie review will help you determine how much time you can spend on each survey. Remember that some surveys pay more than others, so you’ll need to decide which ones are worth your time.


Freelancing as a way to travel the world is becoming increasingly popular. This type of business allows you to work at home while you travel. It does require a lot of dedication, but it can be an excellent option for those who want to work from anywhere.

Freelancing offers a flexible work schedule, and can earn money in different currencies. It also allows you to increase your travel spending power. You can pay for nicer accommodation, specialized tours, and better food.

Group tours

This involves guiding group tours for tourists and collecting donations or symbolic sums of money from them. You should set up your own tour business if you’re a seasoned traveler. You could target a specific niche, such as adventure travel, food tours, luxury tours, or photography tours. Many travel bloggers have used this option to diversify their income streams. You can also become a certified tour guide.

Teaching English as a foreign language

Teaching English as a foreign language is a lucrative career option that allows you to teach English in other countries while traveling the world. However, it’s important to note that most English teachers barely break even, mainly because of the high start-up costs. These include flight tickets, visa fees, and initial accommodation. If you’re willing to hustle, however, you could make a decent living and supplement your 9-to-5 with online tutoring or private lessons.

Picking vegetables, fruits, and flowers

One of the most popular jobs for travelers is picking vegetables, fruits, and flowers. This is a seasonal job that usually pays well. You can also offer grocery shopping services for a fee. You can advertise your service on Facebook or local websites. You’ll likely find local farmers who need extra help.

Joining a circus or band

There are many ways to make money while traveling the world. For example, you can join a circus or band or perform in a show. Suppose you are interested in working in a circus. In that case, you can visit their website to learn more about the requirements and application process. You can join a circus or band to make money while traveling the world and performing in front of a large crowd. You will be responsible for the show’s safety and the audience’s well-being. In a circus, you will work as a clown and wear a costume of a certain character. For example, you can dress up as a tramp, a fireman, or a policeman.

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