WASHINGTON DC – On the heels of its successful Agility Prime rapid prototyping initiative, the Air Force is getting ready to launch Autonomy Prime – its intensive effort to advance autonomous technologies through partnerships with industry.

In September, Air Force innovation arm AFWERX published a request for information to begin its autonomy-focused drive. The request calls for companies in the field to submit white papers and presentations describing how they can tackle the Air Force’s autonomy tech challenges, laying the groundwork for collaboration as the Autonomy Prime project moves forward.

Tech approved for testing at a newly created “AFWERX Proving Ground” must have a technology readiness level (TRL) of at least 4, meaning that it needs to have advanced beyond the proof-of-concept phase and can be evaluated based on how components work together.

Those selected for the division’s “rapid autonomy acquisition process” must be at TRL 6 or above, meaning that a highly functional prototype or model is available for development. The location for this proving ground has not been specified.

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