LANSING – The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency on Monday issued Emergency Rules in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that lets licensed provisioning center and adult-use retailer to provide home delivery services through online sales. 

However, the MRA must approve the delivery procedure used by the designated licensed facility or adult-use establishment. The bulletin that outlines this process can be found here. The MRA encourages the use of home delivery when applicable.

The MRA will make every effort to review, process and approve requests from licensees within 24-48 hours. Temporarily, the MRA will allow the use of home delivery for patients and customers whose residential address may not be the address identified on their state issued identification card.

Temporarily, the MRA will allow curbside pickup. Customers may remain in their parked vehicle, in the parking lot of a licensed provisioning center or adult-use retailer. Customers may complete an order including payment for their product via the internet or they may place their order once parked at the facility.

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An employee from the licensed facility or adult-use establishment is permitted to complete the sales transaction by interacting with the customer in the parking lot and recording the necessary information into the statewide monitoring system. The employee must validate all customer information as required by the MMFLA Administrative Rules or the MRTMA Emergency Rules.

The temporary accommodations permitted within this bulletin are effective March 16 and will be terminated by the MRA through the distribution of another bulletin identifying the termination of the temporary permissions.

A complete copy of the Administrative Rules and the Emergency Rules can be found here.,4601,7-154-89334_79571_82631—,00.html

More information on the MRA can be found at the agency website: