TEL AVIV, Israel – Cyber Week 2017, one of the most important annual cyber events in the world, will be held at Tel Aviv International University June 25-29 and MITechNews.Com Editor and Publisher Mike Brennan will be there to provide complete coverage in text, audio and video.

The conference will include speakers and delegations from both Israel and abroad who will share their insights on the most recent developments in cybersecurity and discuss key dilemmas and opportunities arising from the evolving technologies.

“What an honor it is for me to be a guest of the Israeli government to provide my readers, listeners and viewers with stories from this important cyber security event,” Brennan said. “Israel, known as the start-up nation, is now becoming a cyber-nation, one which combines high-end technology, innovation and talented innovators. And MITechNews.Com will tell its story during Cyber Week.”

The last conference enjoyed the presence of more than 5,000 attendees from 48 countries. Delegates included: decision makers, diplomats, academics, respected members of the defense industry and intelligence units, Israeli and international students, hi-tech entrepreneurs, leading experts from the cyber industry, cyber professionals, corporate C-suite executives and senior decision makers representing policy circles, private sector and defense in Israel and abroad.  

Brennan will provide complete coverage on MITechNews.Com, plus a wrap up in next week’s eNewsletter.

Brennan also will phone in from Israel to do a live interview on WJR 760 AM’s Internet Advisor June 24 at 5:05 PM eastern time. He will follow up on Monday June 25 with another live interview on M2 TechCast with co-host Matt Roush. That interview will air at 3 pm Eastern on the PodcastDetroit Network

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