ANN ARBOR – The Michigan Marijuana Report ( is looking forward to a huge year in 2020.  Our readership grows at an explosive rate as more and more people are interested in the evolving cannabis business and all of the opportunities that it brings.

As you can see in many other industries, there is always a competition to demonstrate innovation and leadership. As our industry grows, the Report is looking for companies that want to tell their stories.

News publications stay alive because of sponsorship support, and sponsors get to reach their desired audience when they support a trusted news source. We hope that the Michigan Marijuana Report has earned your trust.

We have an end-of-the year offer:  Any organization that sponsors our website, newsletter, and event guide beginning in January will receive free ad placement in December once payment is made. In addition, any organization that makes a minimum 3-month commitment will receive a 10 percent discount –plus the free exposure in December.

This offer is being made to help all of us jumpstart the new year.

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